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Indian Journal of Anaesthesia

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Current Issue

April  2021 |
 Vol 65 | Issue 4

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Research in COVID times—Innovations, revolutions and contentions
The year 2020 was plagued by the coronavirus disease (COVID)-19, which swept the world off its feet. Each and every sphere of society was affected and the infliction is still going on. The world of &...
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Original Article
Comparative study of recovery of airway reflexes and cognitive function following sevoflurane versus desflurane anaesthesia
Background and Aims: Sevoflurane and desflurane have almost similar blood-gas solubility but recent studies suggest that desflurane compared to sevoflurane leads to faster recovery of airway r...
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Original Article
Ultrasound-guided assessment of gastric residual volume in patients receiving three types of clear fluids: A randomised blinded study
Background and Aims: Ultrasonography (USG) is used to evaluate gastric residual volume (GRV); however, this technique may have inter-assessor variability. This study aimed to measure GRV in th...
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Original Article
Hypercoagulability on thromboelastography after living donor hepatectomy—The true side of the coin
Background and Aims: Coagulation dynamics after donor hepatectomy are complex. Having complete knowledge of the actual changes in the coagulation status during donor hepatectomy is important ...
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Original Article
Correlation between radial and femoral arterial blood pressure during reperfusion in living donor liver transplantation
Background and Aims: Accurate blood pressure measurements are the mainstay for the efficient management of abrupt cardiovascular changes during reperfusion in liver transplant. We sought to co...
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