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Indian Journal of Anaesthesia

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Current Issue

January  2021 |
 Vol 65 | Issue 1

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Life after post graduation in anaesthesiology……in search of greener pastures!
The last three decades have seen a significant and steady progress in the field of anaesthesiology throughout the globe. Anaesthesiology today is a vast speciality in medical science with its sub-sp...
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Special Article
Career as a general speciality anaesthesiologist
The growth in anaesthesia speciality has been contemporaneous with the advancement in surgical techniques. Although various anaesthesia subspecialities have developed over the years, the value of a ...
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Special Article
A career in cardiac anaesthesia in India: The heart of the matter
Cardiac anaesthesia is a demanding, but fulfilling speciality which challenges the skills, knowledge, professional and personal competence of cardiac anaesthesiologists on a daily basis. This articl...
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Special Article
Specialised training in paediatric anaesthesia: Need of the hour
Paediatric anaesthesia is an upcoming speciality which is gaining wide interest and can be a career choice for the new trainees. The need to develop paediatric anaesthesia as a speciality was realis...
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Special Article
Exploring new frontiers: Organ transplant anaesthesia or bariatric anaesthesia
Unlike previous years, Anaesthesiology today is a major speciality encompassing many areas of modern medicine. Advent of various surgical sub-specialities resulted into the emergence of anaesthesia ...
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